The Problem

The Bermudian government wants to provide financial stimulus to those citizens affected by COVID-19 and ensure that citizens spend that stimulus within the local economy. However, traditional solutions had severe drawbacks.

  • The physical distribution of debit cards is slow and expensive.
  • Stimulus funds cannot be targeted toward local businesses to benefit the local economy with direct payments or debit cards.

The Solution

Using Blockstream AMP, Stablehouse worked with the Bermudian government to develop a testing program to demonstrate the feasibility of a digital token-based stimulus program.

Testers downloaded Blockstream Green to their smartphone and registered a wallet with Stablehouse. Stablehouse enabled a digital test token that was distributed to the testers. The token was only transferable to a limited amount of other testers, ensuring that the stimulus remained within the local economy and a whitelisted group of users. …

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Stablecoins are emerging as trustworthy, reliable assets with the potential to bridge the gap between traditional and crypto finance. In September 2020, the stablecoin market valuation reached a major milestone, surpassing $20bn in total value. This marks a nearly 300% Year-to-Date surge which is a surging development for the stablecoin market and a reflection of the growing demand for stablecoins as a viable payments and investment solution. The total supply of Stablecoins in circulation has hit record levels with nearly $8 billion added to the aggregate supply in the past three months. This means the total stablecoin supply nearly doubled in Q3 of 2020. …

Welcome to the Stablehouse blog!

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Stablecoins are a subtype of cryptocurrencies that have their value pegged to a price-stable asset such as fiat currencies, commodities, or other digital assets. Stablecoin projects achieve this through ensuring that every token issued represents a specified quantity of the underlying asset being held in custody or on-chain. Regular or real-time auditing helps these projects to prove to users that no double spend or on-chain rehypothecation takes place.

While stablecoins have existed for a number of years, their prominence is quite recent and born out of concern for other cryptocurrencies’ price volatility. After the ICO boom of 2018, which left investors holding vast amounts of worthless altcoins, stablecoins emerged as an attractive option because of their tangible peg to a more reliable asset. …



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